Local schools respond to Beshear’s recommendation that all public schools close

Jack Dobbs

Warren County Public Schools and Bowling Green Independent Schools announced they are closing until early April after Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear recommends all state public schools suspend in-person classes. 

In a press conference, Beshear recommended all public schools suspend in-person classes for two week starting Monday, March 16 in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“We’re gonna get through this,” Beshear said in a Friday press conference. “We may have to take more steps but, Kentucky, we can make it.”

As of March 12, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has increased to 10 in Kentucky, with an expected case in Louisville.

“What we have to do is what it takes,” Beshear said. “What we are doing is absolutely necessary.”

Kevin Brown, interim commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Education, said four school districts have already closed.

“Many districts anticipated this decision coming,” Brown said.

Some districts have been approved to use Non-traditional instruction in the event of a closure. Brown said 83 school districts have been approved for NTI, and he expects more applications for NTI to come in even after March 16.

“We’re going to have more positive cases,” Beshear said. We expect to see cases all over the Commonwealth.”

Warren County Public Schools announced on Twitter classes would be cancelled from March 16 to April 10, and the schools would implement “HomeLearning.” 

Bowling Green Independent Schools also announced it was suspending in-person classes until April 6. 

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