Gov. Beshear confirms new cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky, bringing total to 63


Natasha Breu

Gov. Andy Beshear gave his daily coronavirus update at 5 p.m. EST today, addressing new COVID-19 cases in Kentucky as of March 20. The total number of confirmed cases in Kentucky is now 63. 

The new cases include a female in Henderson, a 17-year-old female in Jefferson, a female in Warren, a 48-year-old female in Pulaski, a 28-year-old male in Calloway, a 79-year-old female in Jefferson, a 34-year-old male in Fayette, a 67-year-old male in Fayette, a 55-year old female in Fayette and the rest of the cases without demographics are in Jefferson, Beshear said.

“But this is, again, what we expect to see,” Beshear said. “We’re ready for it. We’re gonna make it through it.”


Beshear also mentioned drive-thru coronavirus testing, which he said he hopes to see as soon as possible. He said there are limiting factors such as the number of kits and swabs out there, although more are out there every day. 

Another factor is making sure the people who are administering the kits have the right protective gear to protect against the virus. Beshear mentioned equipment such as face masks, gowns, gloves and goggles are needed.

“So I will say, anybody out there that has this equipment, we will absolutely take it,” Beshear said. “There is not just a shortage here in Kentucky, there is a major shortage nationally.”

Beshear also said he hopes to see fewer restrictions on getting tested for the virus when the testing capacity increases. 

He also mentioned during this period of time it’s important to have compassion for those dealing with COVID-19 and it’s important not to put blame on people for contracting the virus.

“We’re being called to change our lives, to change our lives to protect those around us,” Beshear said. “…this is our time to show that we put our neighbors and our country ahead of just a bottom line, that we don’t look to be the exception. We look to be the volunteer. We look to be the person that will step up and do what it takes.”

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