Everyday is a holiday: Celebrating National Panic Day

Julianna Lowe

Unofficially observed as an acceptable day for panicking, March 9 is National Panic Day in America. But just because panicking is acceptable for one day out of the year doesn’t mean that it is any more welcomed by its victims.

College students especially are incredibly stressed, with over 60 percent reporting that they experience anxiety, which may cause panic. In order to destress and avoid panicking, WKU offers resources for its students. 

1. Yoga 

GroupX offers yoga classes almost every day of the week in the Preston Center. There is even Soul Yoga at 4 p.m. in the dance studio.

2. Avoid Caffeine 

With three options for coffee and tea on campus, it’s easy to treat yourself to a warm or iced coffee during a stressful time. However, caffeine tends to increase stress levels, so try to stay away from Einstein’s, Starbucks and Java during a stressful time. At the very least, opt for decaf. 

3. Counseling 

Whether by walk-ins or appointment, the Counseling Center in Potter Hall employs counselors that are welcoming to all stressors. Best of all — it’s free to students!

4. Library 

Out of the nine floors in Raymond-Cravens, there is bound to be a quiet corner or a book you haven’t read. Try creatively expressing yourself or letting your mind wander — distractions help.

5. Study Rooms

In every dorm, the Honors College and DSU, there are plenty of study rooms that offer quiet, calm space for working. Maybe you don’t have time to destress, but at least you can control the situation around you by isolating yourself.

6. Graves Gilbert 

If you do feel like your stress is becoming too much to handle, it can never hurt to talk to a doctor to find out options available. Conveniently, there is a Graves Gilbert Clinic located on campus that takes walk-ins or appointments. 

7. Massages

The Health and Fitness Lab employs trained masseuses that offer multiple kinds of massages to help you destress, with discounted prices offered to students.

8. Nutrition Advising

The Health and Fitness Lab also offers nutrition advising. So, instead of stress-eating, talk to an advisor about healthy snacks and meals that can actually decrease your stress and anxiety.

Features reporter Julianna Lowe can be reached at 270-745-6291 and [email protected] Follow Julianna on social media at @juliannalowe.