Getting off the Hill: Where WKU travels on spring break

Illustration by Madalyn Stack

Liza Rash

It is no secret that college students love spring break.

From the beaches of the Florida Keys to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, spring break destinations have been a hot topic on the hill for the past couple of weeks. WKU students love to travel far and wide during any time of year, and next week is no exception. 

Junior Brian Mazzoni is ditching the quintessential spring break destination; he’s going to Canada. Brian is a member of Phi Delta Theta, but his fraternity hadn’t decided on a central vacation spot. Mazzoni said that the warmest places in Florida would be too far to drive, so he and a few friends decided to switch things up this year.


“This trip will actually be really affordable,” Mazzoni said. “Toronto has city passes you can buy that let you visit five different ‘must-see’ locations, and we plan to take the subways while we’re there. I’m excited.”

Mazzoni added that he and his friends will be staying in an Airbnb on the edge of the city. He seemed most excited about visiting the city’s aquarium, Needle Tower, and a possible trip to Niagara Falls later in the week. 

Canada may be chilly this time of year, but Mazzoni and his friends aren’t afraid of the cold if it means they get to embark on an exciting, new and affordable adventure outside of the United States.

Unlike Mazzoni, most students are staying right here in the U.S. Sophomore Maggie Smith says that she and her friend Sam Mallon are visiting Mallon’s mom in Springfield, Maryland and travelling to Washington D.C. later that week. The two are repeating the trip from last year’s spring break.

Mallon’s mom works for the Washington Post and is more than happy to provide the girls with a place to stay while they explore the nation’s capital.

“We just don’t really do the whole Florida thing. It’s expensive,” Smith said. “I feel like I really take it for granted how many amazing and free museums D.C. has.”

Smith said that her favorite museum is the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. She’s most excited to see it again. She even added that there are so many more vegan options in the D.C. area than there are in Bowling Green. She put vegan restaurant hopping on the agenda for their trip. 

However, that agenda will remain open for Smith and Mallon as they roam the streets of D.C. Smith was adamant that they keep a more open schedule this time around. 

“Last year, we had a really detailed plan for what we were gonna do,” Smith said.  “I was exhausted by the end, so this year we’re just kind of playing it by ear.” 

Smith and Mallon also have loose plans to peruse the Botanical Gardens in D.C. and visit a few friends at Towson University, a school right by Mallon’s mother’s home. 

While these friend groups have chosen more unique vacation options, many students are travelling to Florida to enjoy the sun and the sand this break. It isn’t uncommon for groups of 30 to 40 people to split the cost of numerous hotel rooms in cities like Fort Lauderdale and Miami to kick back and relax before the stress of this semester really sets in. 

Whether students have a strict agenda for their vacation plans, or just want to relax and explore a familiar city, WKU’s spring break will be filled with adventure, excitement and most importantly, affordability. The Hill will miss its students, but they’ll be back on top in no time. Safe travels!

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