Apps to help keep your mind going during self-quarantine

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Gabrielle Bunton

Due to social distancing and self-quarantine, it’s safe to say that many people have additional free time on their hands. Breaking out of the habit of work and school can be stressful and have people feeling lost as to what they can do to be productive. 

Here are some apps that can help keep your brain active during the break from normal activities.


The first one is called Drops. This is a language learning app where you can choose from more than 35 different languages. You get to practice five minutes a day. 

You learn through fun games, where the app literally drops new vocabulary that includes over 200-plus words, phrases and illustrations. 


The second app is called Quizlet. This app is very popular among students, due to it being a gateway to a clearer understanding in any subject.

It’s a study-based app that uses different modes, such as flash cards and long time learning, to help study for anything that students need. This app can be especially helpful to students who still have to participate in online classes. 


The third app is called Listle. This app turns articles from publications into audio or podcasts. This is for people who enjoy a simpler way of getting the news. This app also hosts various topics and categories, such as sports, history, finance and more. 


The fourth app is #SelfCare. The basis of this app is to help people relax and take a breather. With the recent amount of complaints from people about self-quarantine, this seems like the perfect time to distress. 

You begin the app with a character, which is you, surrounded by your favorite objects. When you click on those objects you begin games to help replenish yourself instead of competing. 


The last app is YouTube. There are so many creators on YouTube who post helpful content, such as cooking, makeup, writing tips, beauty tips and so much more.   

YouTube also has different content like YouTube couples, reaction videos, comedic skits, pranks and more. The content of YouTube is endless and it can help make time go by faster with the variety of options and categories you can choose from.

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