7 binge-able shows on Disney+

Taylor Metcalf

After a long week of deadlines and constant social interaction, it’s nice to have some alone time to unwind. There’s nothing better than curling up on your bed with your favorite food, a warm drink and a ton of pillows. To top it off? A new show to binge watch.

Disney+ has become vastly popular among all ages and the options are seemingly endless. With everything from classic Disney movies and new National Geographic releases, it’s easy to find something that tickles your fancy.

Here is a short list of classic and brand new series to binge on your weekend of rest.

1. SparkShorts

“SparkShorts” is a project by Pixar that allowed its artists to experiment with style and meaning. Each short is different from the others and holds a unique message to its viewers. Lessons like acceptance and perseverance flow throughout the scenes. The series is easy on the eyes and will make your heart fill with childlike happiness.

2.The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

We’ve all probably seen this show before, but you can never go wrong rewatching it. The youthful antics of the twins and the amazing Mr. Moseby will never get old. You have the chance to revisit your childhood and it’s just a few key taps on your laptop away.

3.The World According to Jeff Goldblum

It’s Jeff Goldblum, what is there to hate? Goldblum explores some of our favorite items like tattoos, denim, coffee, cosmetics and more. He dives into the history and future of all of these things while still adding his special “Goldblum feeling.” Even if you don’t know Goldblum, this series is simply interesting to follow as you learn and have fun doing it.

4. Short Circuit

This is another series of short films made by Disney. The art styles are extremely varied, and the stories are fun and interesting. With 14 different “episodes” your attention won’t stray. The shorts range from catching lightning, to portals leading to others worlds to building a home. 

5. Gravity Falls

Ah, “Gravity Falls.” This show brings back the good memories of not doing my homework after school. The quirky characters, weird creatures and funny commentary make this show a joy to watch. There is a total of 2 seasons and 41 episodes each coming in at about 25 minutes long. You probably won’t finish it in one weekend, but you’ll definitely have fun tucked into bed watching the weird happenings in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

6. Marvel Runaways

If you like Marvel, this is the perfect show to binge. These gifted teenagers have relatable backstories and problems while also giving viewers the “hero experiences” they always wanted. It’s easy to become attached to these characters, and you won’t want to stop watching. You’ll also be super jealous of some of their powers. And there’s a dinosaur? Pretty rad.

7. Lost Treasures of the Maya

If you’re interested in the more historical side of TV, “Lost Treasures of the Maya” will blow your mind. The docu-series follows explorer Albert Lin on his journey to uncover the ancient ruins in the Guatemalan jungle. The twists and turns of what’s real in history and what isn’t will have you trying to piece together the mystery yourself.

Scrolling through Disney+ and all of its options can be overwhelming, so pick a series and start bingeing. If you can’t get into one, there are always 6 other options to work through. And even if you decide to watch “Moana” or “The Mandalorian” for the fourth time, you’ll always have this list just in case.

Features reporter Taylor Metcalf can be reached at 270-745-6291 and [email protected]