Southwest Hall without heat until next week

Abbey Nutter

Southwest Hall’s heating, air conditioning and ventilation system has suffered critical failures that have forced the heating system to be shut down, according to an email from WKU’s Housing and Residence Life. 

Maintenance technicians discovered failures in critical components of Southwest Hall’s HVAC system earlier this week. These failures resulted in the necessary shutdown of the residence hall’s heating system, an issue that HRL projects will be resolved by the beginning of next week.

Temporary relocation is being offered to students in Southwest due to the expected low temperatures for the weekend, though HRL also stated that residents are welcome to remain in their rooms.

HRL recommended in their email that students should take the following measures for their comfort until the HVAC system is restored:

  • Keep your room thermostats set between 68 – 72 degrees.

  • Place your fan setting on low or in automatic mode. This setting will most efficiently permit heat to circulate within your room without causing cold drafts from higher fan speeds.

  • Keep your windows and doors closed. 

The email also reminded residents that space heaters are prohibited within residence halls due to the fire hazard they pose.

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