We asked, they told: Here’s how our students spend their weekends

Lexington freshman Isaac Barnes draws on the steps of the Colonnade on Friday. With highs in the upper 60s, students made sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather by relaxing out outside. (Luke Franke/HERALD)


The weekend is the prime time for relaxation. The last class of the day, the last hour of work, the last of every demanding task of your everyday life — gone for two days of rest.

Everyone is different. Some do their favorite hobbies, rest, do homework, take a run, go fishing, catch up on the latest Netflix series and further on during the weekend. What those things have in common, however, is they showcase people doing what they want to do, not what they have to do. The freedom of choice and individuality in creating decisions is exactly what helps you relax.

For some the weekend isn’t a time for relaxation but a time to continue working. For freshman Sara-Beth Hale, she studies whenever and wherever she can. If she’s not in class, she will be in the Mahurin Honors College or the library consuming as much knowledge as possible.

On the weekends, she doesn’t get much relaxation due to her studious dedication, but she makes the most of her downtime, she said.

“On Thursday nights, I go to the Christian Student Fellowship,” Hale said. “On the weekends, there’s not much relaxing. But when I do get to relax, I usually just chill in bed listening to music and playing Mario Kart.”

For sophomore Amaya Moore, she approaches her weekdays and weekends with humbling moments. She’s like most typical students: She goes to class and does work and studies in the Downing Student Union Learning Center. But in her downtime and the weekends, it’s friends and family time.

“After studying, I usually go off campus and hang out with my friends,” Moore said. “On the weekends, I go home to spend quality time with my family.”

Many times the weekend is a chance to have fun before reality checks you on Monday. People tend to take advantage of this and act accordingly to pass time.

Sophomore student Espoire Pierre addresses his down time on the weekends this way. Though his weekdays consist of classes and work like most college students, if he’s not in class or at his job, he’s doing whatever to have fun.

“I go on runs, play video games, race cars, read books and drive around,” Pierre said. “I like to do different things.”

For students like Precious Thomas, weekdays and weekends are very much school and work related. The sophomore student is a full-time student and resident assistant.

“During the weekday, I’m either doing homework, in class or at work,” Thomas said. “During the weekend, I clean my room, hang with my friends for a little bit. I relax by playing music or taking a nap.”

No matter if a student spends their weekends studying, racing cars, listening to music or just plain napping, they tend to follow the same patterns as one another — always trying to get by and make the best of whatever there is to do.

Features reporter Gabby Bunton can be reached at [email protected]