Southwest Hall fire alarm back in use after being disabled

Due to water damage from a burst pipe, the fire alarm system in Southwest Hall is not working.

Michael J. Collins

Update: Housing & Residence Life notified residents that the fire alarm in Southwest Hall is functional again. The WKU fire marshall tested the alarm and “approved it as fully operational,” according to an email from HRL. 

“From this point forward, any alarm should be treated as an actual emergency, with evacuation required,” HRL said.

Housing & Residence Life announced on Wednesday afternoon that the fire alarm system in Southwest Hall was left disabled as a result of water damage.


The incident was reported around 11 a.m. after cold weather conditions caused an HVAC unit’s pipe to burst.

The resulting leak damaged the building’s fire panel. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, pull stations, and strobe lights were left disabled.

As a result of the faulty system, the building was put on continuous fire watch with university staff patrolling floors in 30-minute intervals.

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