SGA executive candidate voting guide

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Student Government Association will hold elections for the president, executive vice president and administrative vice president positions on April 15 and 16. Here is a guide to the candidates running in the elections. 

 Asha McWilliams 

Running for SGA President

Listen to the MMW ticket give their opening statements at the Herald Town Hall 

Background: McWilliams is a junior from Lexington who has served in SGA since her sophomore year. She is currently the speaker of the senate. She previously served as secretary of the senate.

Platform: McWilliams said her focus is collaboration. As speaker of the senate, she said she focused on making debate more respectful. She said she wanted to do this for all students as well. “I think there’s a lot more that we need to do to engage students in SGA and bring them in so they can collaborate with us,” McWilliams said.


Jacob McAndrews

Running for Executive Vice President

Background: McAndrews is a junior from Villa Hills who has served on SGA since he was a freshman on the judicial council.

Platform: McAndrews said his focus is accountability. He said a lot of his work on the judicial council was to hold SGA members accountable to the organization’s constitution. “I think it’s important that the university faculty, administration all remember that they are accountable to the students, because without the students, we wouldn’t be here,” he said.

Symone Whalin

Running for Administrative Vice President

Background: Whalin is a sophomore from Sonora who has been involved with SGA for a school year. She is currently a senator at large and the vice chair of the committee for diversity and inclusion. 

Platform: Whalin said her platform is diversity. “Diversity is what you say, and inclusion is what you do,” Whalin said. She said she wants to take action to ensure that all groups on campus feel that their voices are heard.


Watch the Herald Town Hall live stream from April 10 here.


Will Harris

Running for SGA President

Listen to the WGK ticket give their opening statements at the Herald Town Hall

Background: Harris is a sophomore from Glasgow He has served on SGA since his freshman year and is currently Chief of Staff for the MEA administration. He has previously served through the WKU Commons, University Athletics Committee and SGA’s Academic and Student Affairs Committee.

Platform: Harris said he is running for SGA President in order to “work hard for all students, to envision a brighter future for the organization, and to put in the hard work in order to make a true impact for students.”

Garrett Edmonds

Running for Executive Vice President

Background: Edmonds is a sophomore from Island. He has served since his freshman year as senator for Potter College, Campus Improvements Chair, and is currently Executive Vice President in the MEA administration.

Platform: Edmonds said he plans to work with Will Harris and Kenan Mujkanovic to improve SGA through “revive, inspire, change.”



Kenan Mujkanovic

Running for Administrative Vice President

Background: Mujkanovic is a junior Bowling Green native. He was appointed as a senator his freshman year under former SGA President Jay Todd Richey. He helped launch the 211 program for United Way of Southern Kentucky and has been involved with installing crosswalks on WKU’s campus.

Platform: Mujkanovic said his main goal is to “bridge the gap between campus and the city” and provide WKU students opportunities when they graduate.


Jack Dobbs, Natasha Breu and Laurel Deppen contributed to this story. They can be contacted at [email protected] and 270-745-601