SGA confirms two justices, passes six spending bills

Isaac Keller gets sworn in as Chief Justice during a Student Government Association meeting in Downing Student Union on April 9, 2019.

Lily Burris

The Student Government Association confirmed an associate justice and the chief justice to the judicial council during their weekly meeting Tuesday.

Student Body President Stephen Mayer was not in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting due to illness, but his report was read by Executive Vice President Garrett Edmonds.

The report nominated Erika Puhakka for an Associate Justice position on the judicial council. Puhakka gave a speech and was then confirmed for the position in a 27-0 vote. She was sworn into the position by Edmonds.

Isaac Keller attended in order to be confirmed as chief justice of the judicial council. Keller positioned as the most experience member at two years with several members about to graduate. Keller was confirmed in a 28-0 vote and was sworn in by Puhakka.

The SGA also passed six different spending bills for various organizations and events.

Bill 22-19-S called for $1,700 from Organizational Aid for Western Kentucky University Amazing Tones of Joy, Dance Big Red, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Alpha Kappa Psi, Psychology Club, Iota Phi Theta, Club Basketball, and German Club.

The bill passed in a 28-0 vote.

Bill 24-19-S called for $500 to Blaq Art Nouveau. The money will go to fund their “Carpe Diem” event to attract new members. BAN Member Osman Osman came to speak on the bill, and it passed with a 28-0 vote.

Bill 25-19-S called for $250 for Lavender Graduation, a ceremony celebrating the LGBT and their allies graduates’ achievements and contributions. The money will go to stoles, decorations, and food. The bill passed with a 25-0 vote.

Bill 26-19-S reserves $108 for use in case of rain during the upcoming Earth Day event. The money will be used to reserve tables in DSU if necessary. The bill passed with a 28-0 vote.

Bill 27-19-S allocates $75 to the Queer Student Union for bracelet-making tools and materials. These items are to be used for fundraising. This did not make it to organizational aid requests in time due to change in advisors. The bill passed with a 24-0 vote.

The last bill, Bill 28-19-S, allowed for $100 for the upcoming Women’s Forum. The bill was friendly amended for a total of $200, with half coming from the food budget and half coming from the senate discretionary fund. It was also amended to include the purchase of buttons along with the brownies, cookies, and light refreshments. The bill passed with a 25-0 vote.

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