Fourth candidate presents for dean position of Gordon Ford College of Business

Christopher Shook candidate presentation

Lily Burris

The fourth candidate for the position of Dean of the Gordon Ford College of Business presented to faculty and staff at an open forum Friday.

Christopher Shook presented himself as a candidate for the position of Dean of GFCB in Grise Hall. His presentation focused on the opportunities for the college despite the challenges it faces in the modern era. Shook is a professor of management currently serving as the Sprunk & Burnham Endowed Dean for the University of Montana College of Business in Missoula

Shook’s presentation began with his experience at different universities and varying positions. He also included a description of his “midlife crisis” walking Camino de Santiago, a series of trails leading to the shrine for Saint James in the cathedral in Galicia, Spain.

The presentation focused on the value of higher education and how GFCB could increase the value of a college education by increasing the benefits and decreasing the costs. His presentation included the statement “Value = Benefits – Costs.”

“The perceived value of higher education is in decline,” Shook said. “We need to tackle this perception.”

Shook presented on his idea how to increase the value of a higher education based on perception and content. He ideas focused on programs and processes that would help students for life after college. It also included how GFCB is perceived by the public.

His presentation also focused on how to reduce the cost of higher education at the level of GFCB, focusing on providing for students and getting assistance from alumni.

During the question and answer session open to faculty and staff, one question was focused on how he planned to engage with students early in the position. Shook mentioned his “Dean for a Day” program at the University of Montana.

“I traded places with a student, I went to his or her class,” Shook said. “It was really helpful for me to put myself into their place.”

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