Voter Guide: Jennifer Ann Morlan

Jennifer Ann Morlan 

(answers given over phone)

Running for City Commissioners City of Bowling Green

Age: 42

Occupation: I own three businesses, Nothing but Leather, Crystal Healing, Kentucky Healing Center, and I sell stuff on YouTube.

Relevant experience: I ran two businesses by myself, I started two businesses by myself, I’m standing up to the mayor of this town by myself, and what I’m doing is I want to help people, I don’t have any education to qualify, but I am standing up to the mayor, I am standing up to everybody in this town. The people who live in the riverfront, he wants to put them in jail, to solve the problem.

What is your platform?

My platform would be better transportation, being tough on, standing up for people’s rights, helping the homeless at the homeless shelter, helping the homeless make money on youtube, better transportation, establishing small businesses, getting people to have a dream and establish it, we need to put more funding in programs that help people start small businesses, and a grant. We need to focus on grants, it’s happening now, they’re focusin on grants to get through thte tough times. The government is cutting back, but there’s tons of grants out there. What I want to do is have each department have a grant writer.

If elected, what would be your top priorities?

This town getting the fairness ordinance, getting everybody to have human rights, letting the slum lords get what they deserve. I am not running because I want to win. I’m running because I want to show why they should choose the right people to run. That’s what I’m doing. I’m actually showing them, the people that are against the fairness act, they’re really getting that the mayor is doing something wrong.