Vice President Pence visits Kentucky to discuss taxes

Gov. Matt Bevin introduces Vice President Mike Pence to the crowd of fans. Pence spoke about the Donald Trump administrations’ many tax and regulation cuts that he has implemented since being in office. Pence refers to Bevin as a great friend of his.

Casey McCarthy

Vice President Mike Pence visited More Than A Bakery in Versailles on Wednesday, March 7, to discuss tax reform and regulation.

This was Pence’s second visit to central Kentucky since becoming vice president.

Gov. Matt Bevin introduced Pence before his speech, saying how honored he was to be a small part of the bigger puzzle here in Kentucky.

“Being able to re-deploy capital to create opportunity for people in Kentucky so the goods that are made here will feed the mouths and the sweet tooth of people all over America,” Bevin said.

America First Policies, a non-profit organization which reinforces President Donald Trump’s policies, hosted the event. Pence visited five other places prior to coming to Kentucky. The tour promotes the tax cut effort implemented by the Trump administration.

“This administration has repealed 22 federal regulations for every new rule put in the code of federal regulations,” said Pence. “We repealed the waters of the USA and the disastrous stream protection rule that’s been destroying so many jobs in eastern Kentucky.”

A panel discussion prefaced Pence’s speech with Rep. Andy Barr, More Than A Bakery president Bill Quigg and Country Boy Brewing Brand manager Daniel Harrison. The group discussed how the tax cuts can help small businesses and big businesses.

“If we make more money, our job at the end of the day is grow our businesses and to take care of our people,” Harrison said.

According to a survey conducted by the New York Times, the tax overhaul has more supporters than ever, even some democrats.  Almost half of Americans believe they will get tax cuts reflected in their paychecks or raises and bonuses according to the New York Times survey.

David Oatts, a realtor from Nicholasville, said he supports the tax cuts because they help with his business.

“The more tax cuts to the budget, the more real estate moves,” Oatts said.     

Oatts was attending the event with his grandson, Lane. When Oatts was young he met and took a photo with Lyndon B. Johnson. Then he met George H. W. Bush and took a photo of his son and Bush. Oatts hoped to keep the trend going and get a photo of his grandson and Pence. Oatts, Lane and Bevin took a selfie together at the end, but not with Pence.

The Kentucky Democratic Party released a statement ahead of the vice president’s visit.

“Just like everyone else working there, Pence is trying to get away from the White House while it implodes, “ Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Ben Self said. “He came a long way to buy a cake for the dumpster fire. If the tax plan was actually helping people, they wouldn’t have to spend so much money on selling it to the American people.”

Pence did not comment on the recent trade tariffs put in place by Trump. Pence’s tour continued on its way, visiting Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday, March 9.