Campus reflects on 100 days with Caboni

 President Tim Caboni listens to former Student Government Association Chief of Staff James Line during SGA’s first meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017 in the SGA offices in Downing Student Union. 

Rebekah Alvey

Monday, Oct. 9 marked Timothy Caboni’s 100th day as WKU’s 10th president.

Student Government Association President Andi Dahmer said she has been impressed with Caboni’s dedication to hearing every voice throughout the first 100 days. She said he has fulfilled his promise to meet with SGA once a month and discuss student issues.

“There is a strategic effort for every voice and vision to be heard,” Dahmer said.

Throughout the meetings with SGA, Dahmer said Caboni has been very open to discussing issues he has a good understanding on and will direct them to another source if he cannot provide all of the information.

Throughout Board of Regents meetings, which Dahmer attends as student regent, she said Caboni will directly ask board members for their opinion on a subject if they have remained quiet during discussion.

Senior Shayla Koch said she believes Caboni has done well with reaching out to students by coming to events. She said he attended an event for her sorority, which she found encouraging.

In addition, Koch said Caboni has been personable and informal with students through social media and getting to know students.

Dahmer said another focus of Caboni’s first 100 days has been strategic planning. She said at first she wasn’t sure if Caboni could reach his goals with a “progressive timeline,” however, she said everything has been handled quickly and efficiently.

“He wants to make sure all these goals come into fruition,” Dahmer said.

Dahmer said she believes if Caboni continues to value input from all voices, the strategic planning will be successful in making a comprehensive plan to benefit all students and members of WKU.

Caboni sent an email that discussed what has been done and his plan for WKU after these first 100 days. In the email, Caboni said strategic planning will be the primary focus of his administration.

Over the past few months, Caboni said he has spent time meeting with groups and individuals on campus from all stakeholders such as students, faculty and staff. He said the purpose through these meetings was to “get a sense of the community’s view of [WKU’s] challenges and opportunities.”

In addition, Caboni said these meetings served as an opportunity to meet people on a more personal level and have an active discussion.

The strategic planning process is intended to last the next nine months and will set a plan for the university over the next several years, according to Caboni’s email. Throughout the process, there will be several working groups made up of different stakeholders within WKU.

Each working group will focus on a different aspect of WKU such as academics, diversity and budgeting. Caboni said he has “guiding questions” for each group which discuss the overall path of the university and how to navigate through current difficulties to higher education.

The working groups will be guided by a steering committee, which will be co-chaired by Caboni and professors Bruce Schulte and Paula Potter.

In the email, Caboni also announced the co-chairs for each group. In Academic Innovation and Excellence, Rob Hale and Harold Little will be co-chairs. Co-chairs for Student Success and Experience are Martha Sales and Jerry Daday. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee will be headed by Lynne Holland and Molly Kerby.

Research, Scholarship and Creative Endeavors will be co-chaired by Kelly Madole and Dave Tatman. Lastly, Budgeting, Efficiency and Infrastructure will be co-chaired by Susan deVries and Christian Ryan.

The co-chairs will recruit other members of each group and begin working on their goals at a kickoff event this week. In the email, Caboni said the strategic planning process will include almost 75 people directly in addition to the digital feedback and open forum opportunities in the spring for the entire campus.

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