Maintenance projects develop across campus

Construction has begun outside the entrance of Tate Page Hall, where the brick stairwell is in the process of being replaced. Tate Page Hall is one of many maintenance projects being completed over the summer term. Rebekah Alvey/Herald

Rebekah Alvey

Several maintenance projects have begun at different locations on campus this week that will continue throughout the summer term.

The front entrance of Tate Page Hall that faces South Lawn is closed off due to construction on the brick stairwell. Ben Johnson, project manager, said replacing the brick was important because the previous brick was dated and provided construction and safety concerns.

The underground steam-lines are being repaired in three different locations on campus. Construction on the steam-line behind the Academic Complex is underway. The next two sites will be Barnes Campbell Hall and Zacharias Hall.

Johnson said the rear entrance to the Academic Complex will be closed off during construction but it should not be an inconvenience to student and faculty. Parking and transportation issued an email that said the service drive lot will be closed.

The current internal heating and cooling controls at the Fine Arts Center are being replaced with electronic controls. Johnson said the previous controls were outdated and spare parts were not available.

WKU is in the tenth phase of replacing the high voltage distribution systems to a more efficient system. Johnson said this project has been in progress for 18 years. Construction on the system at Grise Hall began this week.

Johnson said that there will be a power outage in Grise Hall towards the end of the month that will last about a day. Johnson said WKU will publish a warning in advance.

Johnson said all projects are scheduled to finish Aug. 15, before the fall semester starts.

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