WKU retiree says students need to vote today

“I’ve been voting here [W.R. McNeill Elementary School] for probably 45 years, both of my daughters went here,” Bobby Rascoe said. Rascoe is a former WKU student services employee and basketball player, ”[College Students] just need to be apart of the future of voting, and expressing their feelings and so forth” Rascoe said.

Kylie Carlson

Bobby Rascoe, 76, voted this morning at W.R. McNeill Elementary school, the same location he has voted in for the past 45 years. 

Rascoe retired from WKU 13 years ago, after working there for 33 years and playing for the WKU basketball team. His number 45 jersey is still hanging in Diddle Arena.

Rascoe worked for student services, and had served as the the director of Teacher Certification. 

After casting his vote, Rascoe said voters need to unite.

Rascoe said he wants to tell all the students today how important it is to vote.

“They need to be out here voting,” he said. “They need to be a part of the future and need to be out here expressing their feelings.”

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