Students experience polling location confusion


Monica Kast

Roommates Brian Wiech and Brandon Killian were told they had to vote at two different polling locations, despite living in the same room.

When Buckner freshman Conner Hounshell and LaGrange sophomore Kara Lowry drove the roommates from McCormack Hall to vote. The two were volunteering with the Student Government Association and Ride to Vote, driving students on campus to polling locations in Warren County. The two drove Wiech and Killian, along with their friend Thomas Conti, to vote on Tuesday.

Hounshell and Lowry recounted what happened when they drove Wiech and Killian to vote after arriving back on campus.

“They went earlier to [W.R. McNeill Elementary], but one of them was told they had to vote at BG Towers,” Hounshell said.

“His roommate assumed they’d be voting at the same place,” Lowry said.

“Then when we went to BG Towers, he couldn’t vote,” Hounshell said.

Hounshell and Lowry then drove the roommates to their two different polling locations, but said they didn’t understand how they could have two different voting locations.

“There’s no way they could be districted differently,” Hounshell said.

“Yeah,” Lowry added. “They live in the same room.”

Additionally, Conti experienced confusion when voting. Conti, who lived in BG Towers and had voted earlier in the day, had to vote at McNeill.

“Their friend lived in BG Towers, but he voted at McNeill,” Hounshell said. “He had to walk to McNeil from BG Towers.”

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