Homecoming Style Guide: Finding the perfect outfit for Homecoming

Sarah Hicks

Sarah Hicks

Homecoming is an exciting time on WKU’s campus, merging new and old students while celebrating and cheering on the Hilltoppers. The fun times roll in as traditions continue with parades, dances and alumni. There is no better way to feel unified than to share an interest in college sports.

With all the festivities, finding the perfect outfit to wear may be daunting, especially for the Homecoming game. Sure you can whip out a red shirt and jeans for any other game, but this game is different. Your outfit should model the significance of the event you are attending. And, of course, no one likes to show up too overdressed or feel too underdressed, but what you wear doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With a few tips, you will be prepared to cheer on the Tops in style!

Ladies, think Sunday best. Homecoming is the time for you to pull out your favorite, a bit more lavish than usual, dress. Obviously, a red dress would be ideal, but don’t fret if that isn’t in your current wardrobe. Find a neutral dress that is black or black and white. Add a red scarf, a red wool floppy hat, a red jacket or even red lips. A skirt paired with a cute top, preferably tucked-in, would also give you a clean-cut, yet stylish look. Again, all red isn’t necessary, but it’s always a way good to at least accessorize.

For shoes, think comfy. During the Homecoming football game, you’ll be standing and cheering when the Tops score a touchdown or get a first down! Opt for flats, sneakers or low thick heels. Since it may be chilly, you can add black tights and a light jacket to any outfit for added warmth. Don’t forget to dress in layers so you can add and subtract from your outfit as needed for the unpredictable Kentucky weather.

Guys, you also need to think Sunday best. You can keep it simple with khakis, a button down and a blazer. If you want to spruce it up, go for a tie. You can show off the color red by adding a red tie. If not, you will always have your red towel in hand ready to wave! Make sure you think through the whole outfit –– shoes included! You have a lot of options such as oxfords, loafers, Sperrys or chukka boots.

Most importantly, at any game, be sure to support your team with touches of red in your outfit of choice. Don’t feel obligated to wear all red. If you have neutrals, wear them and pair with touches of red.

Fall in Kentucky is unpredictable. Therefore it’s sometimes hard to know how to dress. Your best option is to dress in layers. A thin cardigan, jacket or vest are the most convenient options to throw off depending on the temperature. Don’t forget your best accessory for a WKU game will always be your red towel!