New music venue opens in Bowling Green

SarahBeth Davis

When Chad Sheppard moved to Bowling Green, he realized the local underground music scene needed a home.

In hopes of giving life to the local scene, Sheppard, chapter president of the Plug Uglies, is opening a new music venue in Bowling Green.

The new Bowling Green venue, The Plughouse, is one of multiple venues organized and owned by the Plug Uglies Wrecking Crew, the national organization in which the Plug Uglies of Bowling Green is affiliated. The private organization promotes local underground music scenes in cities across the United States and aims to provide a safe environment for musicians.

The Plughouse will mark its official opening at its first show Thursday at 8 p.m.

Reno Divorce, Porchlord and Middle Class are headlining The Plughouse’s opening. While Porchlord and Middle Class are local bands, Reno Divorce is from Denver, Colorado.

Reno Divorce’s lead singer and guitarist Brent Loveday said the band is excited to play in Bowling Green.

“We’ve never been to Bowling Green,” Loveday said. “…Maybe it’s my intuition, but I think it’s going to be a great night.”

Reno Divorce has a ‘young and aggressive’ alternative sound whereas Middle Class describes itself as melodic hardcore and Porchlord classifies itself as pop punk.

However, the Plughouse is not limiting itself within genres. Sheppard said The Plughouse may lean towards punk and indie rock sounds, but the venue is open to a variety of talent.

 Thursday’s show will be open house, meaning there is no mandatory charge, but donations are accepted and encouraged. Most shows at The Plughouse will be priced in this way.

 “If someone comes in and they have a dollar in their pocket, I’m not gonna turn that person out,” Sheppard said.

However, if the venue hosts larger acts later on, it will have to institute a set price.

Sheppard said the profits go to the bands rather than the venue.

“We’re here to help the bands,” Sheppard said. “We give the majority of the donations to the bands. The bands have always got the larger share of all of our shows.”

Tomorrow night’s show will be the soft opening of The Plughouse. While there are no future shows scheduled yet, information will be posted on The Plughouse’s Facebook page.

“I hope [the Bowling Green Plughouse] is received well,” Sheppard said. “I think a lot of people are going to be skeptical and take some time, but I think after they see what we’re doing and what we’re about, I think people will support it. They’ll come out and I think it’ll become as much their home as it is ours.”

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WHAT: Official Opening of The Plughouse

WHEN: Thursday, September 22 at 8 p.m.

WHERE: The Plughouse at 2341 Russellville Rd

COST: Free. Donations are accepted.