Shooting at College Suites apartment injures WKU student

WKU student Mario Lopez, 18, was shot multiple times in a confrontation at the College Suites apartment complex early Wednesday morning. Lopez is currently in a Nashville hospital. Lex Selig/HERALD

Herald Staff

Last night, WKU student Mario Lopez, 18, was airlifted to Nashville after suffering injuries from a shooting at the College Suites apartments.

Officers were called to the scene at 10:59 p.m.

Ronnie Ward, Bowling Green police department spokesman, said at the time of the incident his injuries were not life threatening.

The shooting was caused by an unknown altercation between Lopez’s friend, Antwan Thomas, 19, and two unidentified black males. Thomas was outside warming the car when the conflict began. Lopez and Samuel Mitchell, 20, had just walked outside to leave when they saw Thomas and the other two men, one of which had pulled a gun.

Lopez and Mitchell walked back to the foyer of apartment 338, and Lopez was then shot.

Bowling Green police have not made any arrests, and the motive and reason of the confrontation are still unclear. 

The Herald will update this story as more information becomes available.