SGA to vote on tuition freeze Tuesday

Dustin Skipworth

The Student Government Association is voting on a bill on Tuesday to oppose a tuition freeze for WKU students.

The author of the bill, SGA President Jay Todd Richey, thinks the proposed state legislation is a bad idea for WKU students.

“[A] tuition freeze, while ostensibly appealing, is going to harm our university in the long run,” Richey said.

WKU faces state budget cuts in the near future. Many students fear that those budget cuts will result in tuition increases.

If WKU isn’t allowed to increase tuition, the result could be even worse for students, according to Richey.

Richey listed cuts to student resources, faculty and staff pay and a rise in student fees as possible revenue sources for WKU in the absence of tuition increases.

“If you cut off the No. 1 resource for funding, then a university will find a way to make that up,” Richey said.

Increases in fees took place at the University of Wisconsin when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker put a similar tuition freeze in place. Students saw their room and board and other fees increase dramatically to make up for lost revenue.

“SGA always has students’ best interest in mind when it makes decisions,” Richey said as he elaborated on the bill’s purpose.

Still, some students believe rising tuition prices are getting out of hand.

“Put the freeze in effect now,” said junior Hector Corcino. “I feel for everyone paying these ridiculous prices.”

Richey fears tuition could increase suddenly when the freeze is lifted, which would eliminate any short term benefit for students by passing off the expense to later students.

Richey has been in contact with the other student body presidents in public universities across the state, and they all agree the tuition freeze should be opposed.

SGA will decide whether or not it supports Richey’s bill on Feb. 16 during the weekly SGA meeting on the second floor of Downing Student Union.