SGA passes resolution opposing tuition-freeze legislation

Elisabeth Moore

During Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting, senators passed a resolution opposing a bill in the Kentucky legislature regarding a tuition freeze.

Resolution 2-16-S, Resolution to Oppose a Tuition Freeze Students in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, was approved with some debate. 

This resolution opposed Kentucky Senate Bill 75, an Act relating to tuition and fees for postsecondary education and declaring an emergency.


Senate Bill 75 requires Postsecondary Education to limit tuition for resident students at public postsecondary education institutions to the 2015-2016 tuition level for four years. This will require tuition increases for these students following the 2019-2020 academic year and for state colleges and universities to limit incidental fees for resident students to the 2015-2016 level of fees for four years.

SGA President Jay Todd Richey expressed his opposition to the tuition freeze bill because of the long term damages it could cause. 

“I’d like to see the SGA to express its opposition to this tuition freeze bill as such measures are dangerous risks that can end up wrecking universities and charging students even more in the long run,” Richey said.

During his report, Executive Vice President Nolan Miles said the Student Life Foundation is working on plans for renovating and building living quarters on campus, with hopes of adding 368 new beds.

Administrative Vice President Liz Koehler said there is an expected 4.5 percent budget cut to SGA’s overall budget and would total to a loss of $1,301.27. 

During a meeting with President Gary Ransdell, Richey discussed the future of the pub and the new parking structure. Richey said the parking structure is going to be built on time and the pub may be used to serve alcohol in the future to those that reserve it.

“February 15 was the final day for Aramark to withdraw their withdrawal for the alcohol,” Richey said. “The only way for them to sell and serve alcohol is if they had a dedicated kitchen, which they do not have the funding for right now.”

Richey said SGA senate appointments should be more democratic. The student body needs to elect representatives rather than them being appointed, he said during his report.

“At this point, I have appointed 42 percent of the student senate,” Richey said.

During his report, Richey said lobbying in Frankfort will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 23, in place of the SGA meeting that night.

Bill 5-16-S, Funding from Organizational Aid Appropriations for Model Arab League, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, and Financial Management Association, was approved with no debate. This bill allocated the Model Arab League $500, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority $500, and the Financial Management Association $450, allocating a total $1,450 from Organization Aid Appropriations.

Bill 6-16-S, Funding from Organizational Aid Appropriations for Nonprofit Student Association and Western Kentucky League of Legends Club, was also approved with no debate. This bill allocated $930 for the payment of their ninth annual WKU Nonprofit Luncheon and the renting of two rooms, I.D. badges, a table cloth, a card swiper, volunteer T-shirts, and posters.

Bill 7-16-S, Funding for Water Bottles for the Student Wellness Healthy Days Student Health Fair, was approved with no debate. This bill gave a total of $300 to cover half the cost of the water bottles.

Bill 8-16-S, Bill to Assist the Art Department, was passed with no debate. This allocated $1,509 to cover the cost of a 3-D scanner and accessories.

Bill 9-16-S, Bill to Assist the Physics Department, was approved with no debate. This bill allocated $1,490 towards the purchase of new harmonic crystals that will be used to conduct new experiments for Physics majors.