Horoscopes: The stars are aligning this December

Mollie Moore

Aries: This month you may be feeling restless, but don’t fret! The end of the semester is near. Soon you will have the time and freedom you need to take a trip and venture out into the world.

Taurus: Use this month to build inner strength and deepen your intimate relationships. Spend lots of time with your loved ones during the holiday season.

Gemini: Be careful this month. You’ve set a lot of goals for yourself, but take a step back from them for a moment and look at the big picture.

Cancer: You’ve been working really hard to accomplish everything, but don’t be too hard on yourself. You tend to be your own worst critic.

Leo: This month you’ll be filled to the brim with playful energy. Thank goodness you’ll have the time and space to have a little fun over winter break!

Virgo: Try and connect to your roots and innermost feeling this month. You’ve been detached from yourself lately.

Libra:  You are extremely busy! If you organize yourself and use your time wisely this month, you can accomplish great things.

Scorpio: Lately you’ve had materialistic tendencies with your want for more possessions. While it can be a bit concerning, use this urge to consume as a means for giving this holiday season.

Sagittarius: You’ll be feeling very renewed this month. Make sure to emphasize self-expression, and pay attention to how you treat others.

Capricorn: Take this month to reflect on what you’ve earned during the past year. Take a break from school’s hectic environment, and focus on yourself.

Aquarius: You’ll be planting the seeds for your future this month, so be deliberate in your decision-making. The choices you’ll make this month will weigh heavily on your future.

Pisces: Work hard in your professional life this month. Awards and praise may be in your future.