Skipping Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Celebrate the hues of fall as the leaves change

Scout Hardin mug 2

Scout Hardin

Mulled wine, hard cider and bourbon hot toddies — just a few of the autumnal drinks that warm our hearts as the weather leaves us shivering. As the leaves change around us, our seasonal color palette also evolves.

This year’s hues spotlight earthy neutrals with pops of bold color. Marsala, olive, stormy blue, deep teal, rose, amethyst, camel, grapefruit and navel orange are tints that will reign supreme.

Don’t let this wide array of tints and tones scare you off from incorporating these colors into your closet. With just a few tips (and sips), you’ll be a color pro.

For all you red wine drinkers out there, raise a glass! Earthy, warm and inviting, marsala is the color of the year. Pour this flavorful shade into your home furnishings, wardrobe and makeup bag. A universally flattering hue for all skin tones, it adds warmth to any look. Gals, swipe on a burgundy-hued lipstick or highlight your cheekbones with a mauve blush. Feeling bold and dramatic? Polish your nails with marsala tints, which is equally stunning in matte or gloss.

Marsala isn’t just for the ladies; it’s also flattering for men. Boys, break out your deep mauve blazers, ties and sweaters and jump on the marsala train. Vivid mahogany loafers will add a hearty pop to any ensemble.

Trade out your glass of red wine for a martini to accent your marsala duds with olives, sages and shades of dried herbs. These shades are no longer confined to safari or military garb; compliment these earthy tints with tinges of the rich and robust. Now considered a neutral, olive is the perfect accent to your bolder colors. These greenish-grays are cool, soothing and sophisticated.

Add pops of stormy blue-grays to your attire to embody the luxurious, serene and strong. Pair with camel or oak for a clean, Nordic-inspired look. Camel and oak — golden-yellow, in case you’re not up-to-snuff on your tree colors — balance the cool tones of the blue. They will give your ensemble the same touch of warm and comfort you feel after a hard cider with friends. 

Prefer a bolder hue? Pour yourself a signature Fishbowl cocktail and turn to deep teals as a rich alternative.

For those who prefer lighter fare such as Rosé, rose and amethyst shades are soft and vibrant. These sensual colors pair well with neutrals as well as richer tints. Both pay homage the ‘60s, adding playful elements to your wardrobe.

Savor grapefruit and navel orange hues as sweet as sipping a mimosa. Also inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s, these colors are vibrant, whimsical and fun with a flair for the dramatic. Wear alone or as a striking contrasting element.

Celebrate the season; raise your glass to the colors of year! Whether you prefer to mix and match or to focus on standout solids, these hues will have you looking autumn-ready in a snap. Drink in the shades that embrace the season, and I’ll toast this year’s colors with you. Cheers!