Popular versus unpopular foods on campus

Shantel Pettway

Burritos. Pizza. Pasta. Chicken – these are some of the food options WKU students, faculty and staff have the option of choosing whenever their hunger arises. 

From the grilled sandwiches at Chick-fil-A to the added salad option at Red Zone, WKU has changed menu options this year to accommodate healthier student lifestyles. 

These changes have happened in part because of the student body requesting new menu selections and/or new restaurants, according to Steven Hoyng, district Aramark manager. 

“We host surveys every semester to see what students want out of food services,” Hoyng said. 

When walking into the DSU Food Court, Subway, Garrett Food Court or any other food venue on campus, there’s usually a line of students waiting to feed their appetite – but where’s the longest line on campus? What’s the most popular restaurant on the Hill?

According to Hoyng, the most popular place to dine on campus is Subway. Rounding out the top three are Fresh Food Company and Chick-fil-A. 

“Fresh Foods Company is one of the most liked restaurants because there is a wide variety of food throughout the week to choose from,” Hoyng said. 

Students have slightly skewed opinions about the best and worst foods on campus. Out of a social media poll of 30 students conducted by a Herald reporter, 10 students chose Subway as the best food place on campus. 

“I love the cold cut sandwiches; plus, they’re healthy,” said Louisville senior Reginald Speight.

Though Fresh Food Company is one of the most popular restaurants according to data on swipes used by students, the pool of students ranked Fresh as their least favorite place to eat. 

“I don’t like Fresh because the food is tasteless and nasty – it sometimes taste like cafeteria food,” said Louisville sophomore Brittany Perry. 

Gary Meszaros, assistant vice president of Business & Auxiliary, admits he eats  Fresh every day for lunch, but would choose fried foods over healthy food every time.

“I’d choose Chick-fil-A over a salad any day, because I don’t like healthy food,” Meszaros said.

There’s usually a long line outside  new restaurant Burrito Bowl, according to Hyong, but it doesn’t stay open late. 

Time changes on restaurants are determined by a “student in the door” policy, according to Hyong. 

“The next student survey will be held in October so students can give their opinions on what restaurants they want to see on campus,” he said. 

Some students believe that WKU has better food services than other campuses they have visited. 

“I feel like we have better selections than other schools. Though most aren’t healthy, we have more than just a cafeteria…variety,”  said St. Louis junior Alexia Cannady.