Automobile accident at corner of Creason Lot

Two vehicles collided at the corner of University Blvd. and Russellville Road around 7p.m. Sunday night. Both drivers were able to walk around after the accident occurred and were most likely not seriously injured, according to the Bowling Green police officers who responded to the incident. One vehicle, a pick-up truck, was able to drive away from the site while the other, a Nissan Altima which sustained significant damage to the passenger side, was removed on a flatbed truck operated by Chris Key of Jones Automobile and Towing. The Nissan Altima was traveling northbound on University Blvd. and was turning west on Russellville Road when it collided with the truck traveling southbound on University Blvd. Leanora Benkato/HERALD

Herald staff

An automobile accident occurred at the intersection of Russellville Rd. and University Blvd. tonight by Creason Lot. 

Officer Livingston of the Bowling Green Police Department said the accident occurred at around 7 p.m. and involved two automobiles.

A car was traveling down University Blvd. turning left onto Russellville Rd. when a truck traveling the opposite direction on University Blvd. collided into the car causing it to spin out. 

Police said no one was seriously injured during the crash as both drivers were able to walk away from the scene. They said the drivers involved were not WKU students, but were not able to offer official confirmation at the time. 

A tow truck later appeared on the scene to remove the car from the intersection, which has now been cleared of glass and other minor debris.