Dry Clean Only: Find your style icon

(Demetrius Freeman/HERALD)

Kae Holloway

The title of style icon is an honor given to a select few who have been deemed by peers, fans and magazines as consistently having killer style. Whether it’s a Bohemian style like Stevie Nicks or an adventurous spirit like Rihanna, people have always looked to celebrities for style advice.

Having a go-to style icon helps when you just can’t decide what fits your changing personality, but finding one that closely relates to your wardrobe can be tricky. Use this analysis to guide you to your icon.



RiRi has experienced a remarkable style evolution since her “Pon de Replay” days. Lately, the Barbadian songstress has been known for her revealing, adventurous fashion choices.

People who want to dress like Rihanna must exude an otherworldly amount of confidence. Rihanna turns heads and keeps on walking, and you’ve got to do the same.

Don’t try walking down the Hill in a crystal-encrusted dress that shows off all the goods. But do try to infuse a little more leather and be ready to show a little more skin. Embrace your inner good-girl-gone-bad. 


Stevie Nicks

The gypsy queen has been donning flowing kimonos and cardigans since her cocaine-filled days recording “Rumors.” She has been epitomized as the fairy godmother of rock and the poster child for Bohemian style.

Nicks’ followers must be carefree and free-spirited. They tend to have an effortless vibe to their style, as if they just stumbled out of a dream and onto the Hill. It’s advised to skip out on the cocaine though.

Invest in a few black shapeless dresses with batwing sleeves and some knit shawls to portray a truly witchy woman.


Frank Ocean

The Californian singer-song writer slayed the world in 2012 with a little album called “Channel Orange,” and he did it all in a freshly-pressed, striped bandana.

Ever since then, he’s left everyone clamoring for more. He’s probably investing in more bandanas and continuing to be cooler than anyone can handle.

Ocean fans must channel that nonchalant attitude while remaining incredibly cool and slightly idolized by those around them.

Know how to rock a really cool printed button up or cardigan to dress like Ocean, and rock bandanas daily.


James Dean

In just a few short years, and with just a few short roles, James Dean managed to secure himself a place in cinematic and fashion history for decades to come.

The Hollywood bad boy had an iconic staple: a red leather jacket. He wore it with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and cuffs on his jeans to suggest he didn’t care much what was thought of him. It’s an attitude that must be carried with caution, but a little bit of bad ass never hurt anyone.

Dressing like Jimmy Dean is simple. Cuff your jeans, throw on a white shirt and don a leather jacket. Cigarettes are optional.