Student arrested after pulling gun on campus

WKU Police search the bag of a Michael Dearborn who was arrested next to the Academic Complex Wednesday morning after pulling a gun on a man in front of Subway at Bates-Runner Hall.  The gun was found in Dearborn’s backpack. (Josh Newell/Herald)

Jacob Parker & Jackson French

Goodlettsville, Tenn.‚ freshman Michael Dearborn was arrested and brought into custody yesterday morning after pulling a gun on another person outside the Bates-Runner Subway. No shots were fired.

“The gun was unloaded but he did use it to threaten a couple of students,”  director of Media Relations Bob Skipper said.

Dearborn is being charged on menacing, terroristic threatening, carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct, receiving stolen property (firearm) and wanton endangerment, Skipper said.

Witnesses reported seeing Dearborn flee the scene after the confrontation. He was tracked down and arrested by WKUPD in front of the Academic Complex.

Bowling Green freshman Katie Hanson was outside Subway eating with some friends when they noticed an altercation.

“This guy was yelling with this other guy that was just sitting there with a backpack,” she said, “They were yelling back and forth for a little bit and we weren’t too worried and all of sudden the guy was yelling ‘you don’t want none of what I’ve got’ or something like that.”

With his backpack in front of him, Dearborn reached around into it.

“We were wondering if maybe it was drug deal gone wrong or something,” she said. “We were sitting there watching him, debating whether or not to call the police when we saw the gun.”

Hanson said once they saw him pull out the gun in the crowded area they were afraid, and a couple of people stood up and walked away. 

“I was kind of frozen because he was walking around kind of sporadically,” she said. “He was walking behind us and walking back over (along the pavilion).”

At one point, Dearborn ended up directly behind Hanson. 

“When I was calling the police, he walked right behind us and my friend was watching behind me and describing him quietly, and I was describing him really quietly into my phone,” she said.

“I was kind of really scared for a minute because he was right behind us and I couldn’t see him.”

What appeared to be an undercover cop in a police sweatshirt pulled onto the curb and began to pursue Dearborn, who in turn began to run toward Centennial Mall before taking a right towards Preston Center. 

“They caught him right at the steps beside DSU,” she said. “He wasn’t running very fast, he was trying to hold his pants up.”

Students did not receive a emergency text alert about the event due to quickness in which Dearborn was arrested. 

Skipper said that it took under five minutes from when the 911 call was placed until police placed Dearborn under arrest. 

 As of Wednesday afternoon, Dearborn is being held at the Warren County Jail, according to Skipper.