Farmhouse Fraternity hosts Shave to Save

Bowling Green sophomore Camp Holmes smiles as his head is being shaved during Shave to Save Tuesday at Centennial Mall. Shave to Save was organized to raise money for Sturgis senior, Chris Hancock, who started chemotherapy in March and to raise awareness about the importance of being checked for testicular cancer. Participants are required to keep their new hairdos until Friday. (Mike Clark/HERALD)

Whitney Allen

By whitney allen

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The Greek community gathered at Centennial Mall Tuesday afternoon to fight cancer in an unconventional way. Farmhouse fraternity hosted Shave to Save in honor of their brother Chris Hancock who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Sturgis senior Hancock was diagnosed with cancer in February. After telling his family and girlfriend, Hancock shared the news with the chapter.

The chapter wanted the event to be a surprise to Hancock. The members set up a Facebook page, “Shave to Save”. Pictures were posted on the page of the men who wanted to participate.

Individuals then placed bets on the comment section of the pictures. The highest bidder got to shave the participant’s head.

Sturgis junior and Farmhouse member Riley Hall helped organize the event.

Hall was satisfied with the turnout and participation from every Greek organization.

“It’s not about the money really it’s about the support and showing him we are behind him,” Hall said.

The event raised $2,000 for Hancock.

Hancock has contributed to his chapter and the Greek community in numerous ways over the past four years. The chapter thought it would only be right to do something for Hancock.

“I tried to help the Greek community so it’s good to know they are here for me,” Hancock said.

London junior Rachel Huffman was the highest bidder on a Farmhouse participant.

“I think it was a really good idea,” Huffman said. “It’s kind of a fun way to treat a serious topic and raise money.”

Hall said the chapter is hoping to make this an annual event.

“It’s always good to see the Greek community together,” Hall said. “We all have our rivalries but can come together if needed.”

The chapter kept the event a secret from Hancock until the day before, they finally told him.

“I didn’t really know what to say,” Hancock said.

“I was just really surprised. I didn’t expect anybody to anything. It’s really nice to know that people actually care.”