SGA discusses budget, awards at last meeting

Leah Brown

The Student Government Association met in Garrett Tuesday night for its last meeting of the semester. 

In her report, President Keyana Boka announced that students will experience a 4.8 percent tuition increase. Boka said most students will pay $209 more per semester. 

The budget will also include a $4.2 million increase for student financial assistance. The faculty will receive a one percent salary adjustment. 

“The budget is pretty much set in stone now,” Boka said.  

The speaker of the Student Senate Paige Settles said that there is still one more bill of scholarships that needs to be passed. Next Tuesday, SGA will have its end of the banquet instead of meeting. At the banquet, they will host a short meeting to discuss the last bill that did not make it in Tuesday’s meetings. 

SGA suspended its bylaws at the meeting in order to pass many bills in first read. The first was Bill 17-14-S which allocates $1,817.10 to financially assist students participating in Summer Term courses. Bill 18-14-S passed which gives $3,165 to multiple clubs and organizations on campus. Bill 19-14-S passed and allocates $3,950 to students conducting student research. Lastly, Bill 20-14-S passed giving $150 to sponsor the SGA and office and sustainability’s Earth Week planting party. 

SGA passed Bill 16-14-S in its second read funding the University Chinese Club and Project Purus. Resolution 6-14-S passed which supports the adoption of the Good Samaritan Policy. The policy prevents student punishment for those who call for help in the case of an emergency with a drug or alcohol overdose. It encourages students to seek help rather than fearing calling 911. 

Campus improvements chair Tyler Scaff gave a report on the campus safety walk that happened last Thursday. The walk’s purpose was to examine the current campus safety and find ways to make it better. 

Campus police, the parking and transportation director, the facilities supervisor and the safety compliance specialist are some of the people who attended the walk. 

In Scaff’s report, he wrote that Jennifer Tougas, director of Parking and Transportation Services, said that the Avenue of Champions will be re-paved this summer and the side walk along the street with be widened. 

Students also brought up issues with parking, incidents in residence halls and bus stop benches. 

Scaff concluded in his report that he looks forward to the benefits that further dialogue will bring to campus. 

Throughout the entire meeting, almost every report given ended with “Don’t lose your voice.” SGA committee chairs and officers expressed how successful SGA has been throughout the year and they can’t wait for what the next year has in store.