Dry Clean Only: Slay enemies of Westeros with fire-breathing fashion

Columnist Kae Holloway introduces her weekly fashion column. The column will appear on Thursdays, discussing trends, giving style tips and commenting on fashion faux pas. Dress: Asos; Shoes: Forever 21 (Demetrius Freeman/HERALD)

Kae Holloway

Cue the choir, bring up the orchestra and hum along with me to the greatest of all opening credit songs. “Game of Thrones” is back and better than ever. 

The season started up Sunday in a blaze of dragons, death and general badassery. And with it comes 10 new episodes worth of fashion inspiration. 

I’m anticipating a new season full of gorgeously detailed ball gowns, plunging necklines, earthy tones and enough fur to make Anna Wintour drool. 

Fashion blogs and mags have been pouring out ensemble how-to’s. Of all these, Vogue posted a question that really caught my attention: What if “Game of Thrones” had 2014 fashion?

Well, what if it did? 

Now of course, in true Vogue fashion (joke intended), they included with their article a slew of expensive designer clothes that fans of Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark — among others — could wear. 

As much as I admire both the publication and the clothes featured (so much Valentino), it’s just a tad bit out of reach for your average fashion khaleesi.

For us, I give you the wallet-friendly guide to embodying the spirit of Westeros in 2014. 



They’re evil. They’re cunning. They’re ruling the greater part of the world. But for all their faults, for all their questionable reproductive methods, they know how to kill the colors red and gold. 

Pair gold gladiator shoes with a loose, flowing deep red dress, accessorize with varying black and gold jewelry to modernize the lion’s look for a night out.

For a more casual look, pair burgundy pants or a skirt with a printed lion t-shirt and simple gold flats. 


The Night’s Watch

Fur. Leather. Black. Seriously though, that’s all they wear. These men have sworn off family, friends and sex, and traded it for amazing fur jackets and leather vests.

With the change of season, it’s a little more difficult to dress with the heavy layers of Jon Snow. However, it’s not impossible.

 Dress in the colors of black and white, or grey, and accent it with a leather jacket. Go for edgier, silver jewelry  and if you can find that perfect dire wolf piece, you’re set to guard the metaphorical Wall. 


Let us have a moment of silence for this poor family before modernizing their looks.

This brave, small family is characterized with their fantastic use of fur, deep earth tones and a variety of blues and greens.

Pay tribute to this family by pairing a cream cardigan or top with a light blue floor length skirt for a more early series Sansa or Arya look. Swap the skirt out for worn blue jeans and add a pair of worn in combat boots for a more updated Arya.  



Now, there’s few left in this family, but the one left is by far the most fashionable in all the land. From her desert -worn crop top to her Quartheen flowing blue dress or that current asymmetrical ocean blue dress she’s been sporting, Daenerys Targaryen knows how to rock her clothes and a pair of killer leather boots.

Dress like THE Khaleesi by flaunting an earthy toned crop top with a flowing tan skirt, a high-low blue dress or a baby blue skirt and a cream top. Shoes wise, just have a great pair of leather boots or gladiator sandals.

Infuse a little bit of emerald green or ruby red jewelry to incorporate a little of the famous dragons into your look.

Go to wkuherald.com for outfit compilations inspired by the show.