EDITORIAL: No parking zone

Editorial cartoon by Darren Vogt

By: Editorial Staff

THE ISSUE: Due to a rapid loss of parking spaces on main campus, Parking and Transportation Services is implementing new parking rules, beginning Fall 2014. Permits will go on sale in early April. 


OUR STANCE: While we understand that WKU has no choice but to make some changes due to a loss of parking spaces, it seems like commuters are getting the short end of the stick — er, parking pass — next school year. 


You know your school already has parking issues when bumper stickers talking about WKU’s infamous lack of parking spaces exist.

We knew the problem was bad when they took out the convenient Housing lot across from Northeast and Southwest, which means commuter spots will be a little bit harder to come by.

But when we got the email from Parking and Transportation Services we understood the full weight of the problem.

The email from PTS indicated that commuter parking passes would be limited to “fulfill the expectation that if a person purchases a parking permit, they will be able to find a parking space on the main campus.” 

That’s a nice guarantee, but we all know the first few weeks of school mean packed parking lots and lots of hysteria, and we wonder how many students will be late to the first day syllabus-reading because they’re waiting for someone, anyone, to vacate a spot. 

The second piece of news advises students, faculty and staff that commuter permits will be sold on a “first come, first served basis through a waiting list.” When we first read this, we imagined people waiting outside of South Campus like they’re waiting for a concert to start, or for the doors to open on Black Friday. 

While we understand that this may seem the best way to fix the problem, there will always be someone who gets screwed over in this situation simply because WKU ran out of spaces for commuters, who happen to make up most of the WKU population. 

Of course the news isn’t all bad, since PTS also said that more Alumni Square Garage permits will be available, as well rezoned lots. But with spaces already limited, even these adjustments can provide so much relief. 

We also wonder how this will affect those who live on College Street and surrounding streets. It is already difficult to find a spot to park on College Street, especially between 9 a.m. to noon, which is basically class time rush hour. 

But with these new restrictions in space, we wonder how many people will be stuck with tickets because they had two options: park extremely far away from campus near the square, or park in a closer two-hour lot. It’s a lose-lose situation for both commuters close to and far from campus. 

There is one positive outcome from all of this, however: the WKU Store will definitely sell more “If you see my professor, tell him I’m still looking for a parking spot!” bumper stickers. 

This editorial represents the majority opinion of the Herald’s 9-member editorial board.