Dry Clean Only: An ode to black

Top: Urban Outfitters, watch: Urban Outfitters, bracelet and earrings: Forever 21. (Demetrius Freeman/HERALD)

Kae Holloway

The other day in general conversation, I had someone say to me “you really like black.” As I thought about this more, digested and processed this, said person pretty much hit the nail on the head.

When receiving said comment, I was wearing a simple black skirt, black tights, black patent heels and, to offset all the stark dark, a black and white skull patterned sweater. The day before? I was wearing a black dress, black thigh highs and a black, white and red patterned flannel. And as I write this? Black leather pants. Safe to say, there is some element of black in my daily ensemble. 

To differ slighlty from that remark, I more than like the color black. In fact, I would define my relationship with it as an exciting love affair. A love affair that has spanned many years, and transformed my wardrobe from the bright colors and pinks of my yesteryears into a wonderland of charcoal, onyx and a seemingly endless amount of black leather. 

Black is simple. Black is stylish. Black is flattering for everyone. Black is everything. It’s easily styled, easily dressed up, easily dressed down and a staple color in every line, from Chanel to Céline. In the infamous words of Christian Dior, “I could write a book about black.”

I’m here this week to tell you, to screech from the rooftops, don’t fear the darkest of all shades. Embrace it. Even small amounts of black can add an instant sense of style and elegance to your outfit. Whether you dress down, or dress up, there’s a piece of black clothing meant for your wardrobe.

If I had to pick my top black basics, though, I would easily invest in a black skirt, black denim, a staple little black dress and, nearest and dearest to my heart, a black leather jacket. All four pieces are versatile for any and all occasions. Start your hunt for these through either Asos, Zara or, if you leaning towards the cheaper side, Forever 21. Neither have ever let me down in the hunt for the perfect piece. 

Parting word to the wise, though: if you’re going to go all black, have something, anything, to offset the dark tone of your wardrobe. Whether it’s adding a denim jacket overtop a black top and pants, or stacking up gold or silver accessories with a simple black dress. Offsetting all the black with good accessories, denim or a pattern will complete your look.