Intruder breaks into house on Main St.

Jackson French

An individual with a knife broke into a house on Main Street last night before attempting to force his way into a room two of the house’s residents share. 

Louisville senior Elaina Hardin, one of the house’s residents, said she and her roommate, who has asked to not be identified, were sleeping in their room when they heard glass break. 

“My roommate and I were obviously freaking out,” she said. “Our door has a lock on it and so…I got out of bed and locked the door.”

Hardin said she grabbed a nearby bat, and got back into her bed while her roommate called 911.

 She said the intruder rattled the doorknob while her roommate spoke to the dispatcher.

“I don’t know how long she was on the phone with the dispatcher but the police showed up really quickly and we heard him run out and he left out the back door.”

Hardin said the intruder never spoke while in the house and she didn’t see him. 

“He only had a knife with him…and he didn’t steal anything,” she said. 

Hardin said the intruder took her purse and jacket but didn’t leave with them.

According to the police report, a trail of footprints in the snow started near the back door, which was left ajar, and led away from the house. 

The footprints led to a house on E 8th Street, where 34-year-old Jeremy Anthony was crouching by the side of the residence. 

The report said Anthony had a “moderate size pocket knife” on his person.

Police arrested Anthony and took him to the Warren County Regional Jail.

The report stated Anthony’s shoe prints matched the prints in the snow, adding that shards of glass lodged in the bottom of right shoe matched the tint and form of the glass from the broken window.