Students enjoy snow days

Leah Brown

Snow and ice flew everywhere as students raced their sleds down the hill slopes in front of Van Meter. 

WKU canceled classes on March 3 and March 4 after approximately 4-6 inches of snow and sleet blanketed the area, according to the National Weather Service. 

Students took advantage of their days off by sledding, building snowmen and catching up on homework. 

Since WKU students usually don’t have an extra sled lying around their dorm rooms, the Topper community got creative. 

They used cardboard, signs, laundry baskets, storage bins and even ironing boards to slide down the Hill. 

“Since we were snowed in, we walked to campus and spent the day sledding by Van Meter,” Louisville junior Hannah Wallace said.  “It was funny to see people improvise boxes, lids, and totes for sleds.”

Students flew down College Street and Hospital Hill, a large hill by the American Flag Water Tower, despite the sign that said “Danger: Hill unsafe for sledding.” 

The snow and ice also covered campus’ parking lots. 

Some students found they couldn’t leave the parking structures without help or multiple attempts to start their cars.

“Although I could barely move my car around campus — let alone a parking lot — the fact that I got to sled down Van Meter with my friends was pretty cool,” Nashville sophomore Mack Bekeza said. 

Josh Twardowski, campus services manager, said because of the nature of the storm, clean-up was difficult.

“This particular event…it’s an ice storm covered up with snow,” Twardowski said.

 Twardowski said because of the ice below the snow, clean-up crews had to rely on the temperatures and sun more than mechanical or chemical removal.

On Monday, Fresh Food Company and Subway were the only two options available, and found themselves filled to capacity. 

Students received a text from the WKU alert system Monday night telling them campus wouldn’t open until 12:15 p.m. the next day. When Tuesday morning came, a volley of WKU texts barraged students, announcing classes had again been canceled.

WKU alerted students Tuesday night that the main campus would commence with classes Wednesday morning. Glasgow campus remains closed.

“It was good to just get off campus and not have to worry about school for a while, and to feel like a little kid again,” Meade County freshman Bethany Roberts said.