Students live at home to save money

Whitney Allen

ByWhitney Allen

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For manystudents, coming to college means leaving home and moving into the residence halls. While dorm life seems to be one of the staples of the college experience, students who commute fill their college experience in different ways.

Alvaton junior Hannah Harlan makes the 35-minute commute to WKU each day for classes. While Harlan says she isn’t extremely involved on campus, she enjoys the time she gets to spend at home with her family. Plus, the money she saves from commuting helps her save to make car payments.

One of the undeniable perks to living at home is saving money. A semester in the residence halls costs around $2,000.

Rockfield junior Abby Potter lived at home for the first two-and-a-half years of college.

“Living at home wasn’t necessarily a bad thing,” Potter said. “I was able to save money on rent, have home-cooked meals, a place to de-stress and laundry was free.”

Potter added that, although she enjoyed living at home, there are definitely some positives to living closer to campus now. She can stay on campus later, lives closer to her friends and now feels that it will be easier to get involved with the WKU community.

One of the biggest challenges of commuting is parking.

“Be prepared to circle parking lots,” Harlan advised future commuters.

Three Forks junior Zach Watts stays connected to campus through his involvement with the WKU marching band and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Watts echoed Harlan’s frustrations about commuter parking.

“I like commuting obviously because it’s cheaper,” Watts said. “Sometimes it sucks because it’s not as convenient in terms of hanging out with friends, getting up earlier and access to the facilities on campus.”

College is a different experience for everyone. For some, the experience of going to classes and getting a degree is fulfilling enough.

On the other hand, Potter advised future commuters to get involved and stay on campus as much as possible in order to have a true college experience.

Nevertheless, the promise of home-cooked meals and a bedroom of their own keeps these commuters happy.

“I love the way my college experience has gone,” Harlan said. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”