Beauty and the Greek pageant highlights couples

Bonnieville junior Kyle Mekilney and Louisville freshman Michael Bryar, both of Alpha Tau Omega, react as they are announced the winning couple of Omega Phi Alpha’s Beauty and the Greek pageant on Wednesday night in the Downing Student Union auditorium. (Kreable Young/HERALD)

Whitney Allen

It can be argued that there’s no better way to show your inner and outer beauty than with your better half. On Wednesday, Feb. 19, Omega Phi Alpha hosted the third annual Beauty and the Greek Pageant.

Couples are judged based on letter wear, formal wear and a newly added category — famous couples. Famous couples varied from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Forrest Gump and Jenny Curran.

Evansville, Ind. junior Melissa Moore was the coordinator for this year’s pageant. Moore said she likes the couples pageant because it sheds light on more than just one organization.

This year was the first year an all-male couple participated. Bonnieville junior Kyle McKinley and Louisville freshman Michael Bryar, brothers of Alpha Tau Omega, not only participated as a couple but emerged victorious.

“We’re really proud, we practiced really hard for this,” Bryar said.

There was a little more competition this year with 13 couples participating compared to last year’s seven.

“We wanted to support OPA, but we wanted to keep it fun and interesting,” McKinley said.

Beauty and the Greek is one of OPA’s main community service projects.

The proceeds from the pageant will be donated to the Hope Heart Institute, an organization that promotes research, prevention and treatment of heart and blood vessel disease.

“It makes me feel really good that we are benefiting an organization that could really use the money and it’s helping a good cause,” Moore said. “It brings the Greek community together.”