Emslie meets with SGA

Leah Brown

Provost Gordon Emslie and Doug McElroy, associate vice president for Academic Enrichment, spoke at the SGA meeting Tuesday night to discuss potential modifications to the change-of-major procedure.

The process has two main parts. The first requires students to declare a major before they complete up to 60 credit hours. The other allows students to go on TopNet to change their majors.

Emslie encourages students to change their majors during a three to six week period in the beginning of the semester and to talk to department advisors before the change. 

McElroy said the problem with the current process is students have to carry it around campus for signatures. He said WKU would do away with that. It would all be electronically routed to the appropriate people in the departments.

The retention rate for students with undeclared majors by year is down to 6 percent versus student who have declared a major, which is at 55 percent. Students who have declared a major get into the advising system earlier.

“It’s not choosing the right major. It’s choosing any major at all,” Emslie said.

He said they have other retention efforts, such as providing support systems and placement of students.

SGA also approved Resolution 2-14-S, which supports the adoption of the academic affairs policy.

Executive Vice President Mark Reeves said he thinks it’s a good policy and hopefully Academic Affairs continues to come to SGA for support. 

Sam Rosenthal, Elizabeth McGrew and Meredith Smith were sworn in as new senators.

Bill 2-14-S passed, which will give money to TopperWell Peer Health Educators, WKU ADFED and WKU English Club.

SGA President Keyana Boka said YoBlendz, a frozen yogurt shop in DSU, is not hitting the sales mark it’s suppose to. Gary Meszaros is looking for alternatives to fill that space but hopes that business will do better in the fall when DSU is finished.

Boka said Red Zone is having a taste testing soon. It is going to be a sports bar and will stay open until 2 a.m. next semester.

A test run will be conducted this semester for Einstein’s to have extended dining hours.