CHH Politics: We need Obama

Friday, Nov. 2, Political Cartoon

Hilary Harlan

Tuesday is election day. The pressure is on to make the right decision this year in particular, because we know that we’re not deciding on our leader for the next four years. We’re deciding what will happen to our retirement, our social security, our health care, our education and so much more.  

In the past four years, President Barack Obama has done his best to work with both parties when making huge decisions for our country, such as military decisions.

We’ve now ended the war in Iraq, and we have a solid plan for Afghanistan.

Our economy is struggling, and once we get our troops safe at home, we can better focus on what needs to be done in America to bring it back to the great nation that it was before.

This election could be decided by the economy, so it’s important for us to elect a president with a solid economic plan.

Based on our history as a country, I must side again with the path that Obama has chosen. I know that a lot of people want to believe that the current economy is the fault of Obama’s administration, but it was President George W. Bush that came into office with a surplus which was depleted by the time that Obama took office.

President Bill Clinton gave us that surplus, and he’s helping Obama with the economy now and endorsing him in this year’s election.

If we’re trusting history, we may not want the candidate that will extend Bush’s economic plan.

There are also the social issues to look at. We are only two judges away from Roe v. Wade being overturned. We need someone who will keep our pro-choice laws.

We need someone who supports women in the workplace, and that doesn’t mean putting them in binders or letting them off early so that they can go home and cook.

We also need a president who supports marriage equality, allowing all citizens to have the same rights.  

In short, we need Obama.