Students explore options at Majors and Minors fair

Jacob Parker

Students looking to explore WKU’s programs flooded into Preston Center today for the 2012 Majors and Minors Fair. 

The Academic Advising and Retention Center provided 700 bags for students to fill with pamphlets and nearly all of them were gone with more than an hour to spare.


The AARC sets up the booths and gives away prizes each Fall so students can come to change their majors or learn about other majors and minors.

Bowling Green freshman Krystal Onyekwuluje, said she wasn’t at all sure what undergraduate major would best prepare her for a law degree.

“The fair helped me to find people to push me in the right direction,” Onyekwuluje said.

Whatever the major, the fair can help all students.

Nashville sophomore Hayley Rigsby, a social work major, found her minor through the help of the fair.

“Social work is such a broad major and I was a little confused as to which area of study I wanted,” Rigsby said. “After coming to last year’s fair, I’ve decided that I’m going to minor in criminology,” Rigsby said.

Each year, AARC adds booth to represent new academic programs. This year the new booths included American Sign Language, Change of Major and Student Support Services.

Jessica Dorris, academic advisor and first year coordinator, said a “Change of Major” station in the Preston multi-purpose room was another new feature of the fair.

“Students that find their major at the Majors/Minors fair will actually be able to change their majors here,” Jessica Dorris, academic advisor and first year coordinator, said.

“We have our AARC staff in there and they are changing those majors and they are also allowing students to come out here and find the department heads to sign off on those majors, instead of looking all over the Hill,” she said. 

Tompkinsville senior Holly Bean, president of the student ASL Organization, was promoting the new American Sign Language minor.

“We just added a new minor, American Sign Language Studies. It’s a 21 hour minor,” she said.

She said they were promoting the minor to people who could take sign language as their foreign language credit and want to continue in the program.

Students who missed today’s Majors and Minor’s fair can meet with the AARC staff at A330, in Downing University Center.