New SGA officers sworn in at banquet

Taylor Harrison

The new officers were sworn in at the Student Government Association’s end of the year banquet on Tuesday night.

Smithland junior Cory Dodds was sworn in as president, Bowling Green sophomore Keyana Boka as executive vice president, Lewisport freshman Cain Alvey as administrative vice president, and Bowling Green sophomore Christopher Costa as speaker of the senate, who received a gavel from former speaker Kaylee Egerer.

 “It feels good, but I realize there’s a lot of responsibility placed on me now and a lot of different people are looking to me to get stuff done,” Dodds said of becoming president.

Boka said she is looking forward starting as executive vice president.

“I’m really excited about it and I have big shoes to fill with Kendrick,” Boka said of former executive vice president Kendrick Bryan. “He did a wonderful job these past couple of years.”

At the banquet, SGA gave out its end of the year awards.

The Citizens Award was the only award given to a non-SGA member, Bowling Green senior James Weakley. Weakley was given his award by Alvey, a friend of his from working in McCormack Hall.

“I’ve tried to be very involved and staying involved has really proven just the most rewarding thing about college and so it’s really — it just feels wonderful,” Weakley said.

Weakley said the award particularly meant a lot because of his relationship with Alvey.

“It had a lot more special meaning, especially the introduction from him, just coming from him and his support really meant a lot,” he said.

Dodds said he thought the banquet went well.

“We booked it for 50 seats and I think just about every one of them was full so it was a good turnout,” Dodds said.

Former President Billy Stephens, a Hawesville senior, agreed with Dodds.

“It was just a good fun time where we could all just see each other and just, you know, pretty much talk about the year,” Stephens said.

Looking back on his year as president, Stephens said one of the things he thought he did well was helping Dodds with his campaign.

“Because he’s going to be probably the best president we’ve ever had,” Stephens said.

Dodds closed the ceremony out by thanking everyone for their service in SGA this year. He also commended SGA for helping to reduce the financial burden on students, protecting the students’ right to free speech and supporting the inclusion of all students on campus.

He asked the audience, “What will be the next thing that challenges us next year?”

While Dodds said he didn’t have all the answers, he is excited about the coming year and looking forward to serving with everyone in SGA.