Music students to honor late WKU employee

Anna Anderson

The space in front of the Music Rehearsal Hall will be filled with song on Thursday night as students from Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity gather to remember one of their mentors.

Deloris Trammel worked in the music department office. When she passed away from cancer in July 2011, she left behind an important legacy.

“She was the go-to person for almost everything,” said Burkesville senior Charles Price. “A lot of people were deeply touched when she passed away.”

Price is the newly elected president of Phi Mu Alpha.

Price said Trammel cared a lot about the students she encountered. He said she would keep the computer lab on the third floor of the fine arts center open past the scheduled hours if students were working late.

She would also drop everything to help students register for classes, even if they came in after their registration deadline had passed, Price said.

Bowling Green senior Sarah Capito, who is the incoming president of Delta Omicron, said she was one of the students Trammel helped to register for classes.

“She was the kindest woman I’ve ever met,” Capito said.

When Trammel passed away Capito and other members of Delta Omicron sent flowers, but she said they wanted to do more.

“The idea was proposed basically the day she passed away,” Capito said.

When the new semester started in August, both Delta Omicron and Phi Mu Alpha started making plans.

They decided to raise money for a plaque to be placed in front of a tree once the new Music Rehearsal Hall was completed.

“She had been around for all of the planning and preparation for the new building, but she never got to see it,” Price said. “So we felt like this would be an appropriate gesture.”

Price said he helped supervise the fundraising efforts of the two groups. In October, they raised about $280 by filling a jar with gummy bears and letting people guess how many there were for a dollar.

In December, Phi Mu Alpha also sold candy canes to raise money. The rest of the funds for the plaque came from membership fees from both Delta Omicron and Phi Mu Alpha.

Both Price and Capito helped to organize the event on Thursday, which will include the singing of “College Heights,” the alma mater.

Also, a few people will speak about Deloris and how much she meant to the department.

Capito said the event planners wanted to keep the event simple and short, because it’s what Trammel would have wanted.

“It’ll be a good way for Deloris to influence former students,” she said. “Hopefully that tree will be around for a long time.”

Deloris Trammel’s dedication will be held at 5:45 p.m. on Thursday in front of the Music Rehearsal Hall. The event is open to the public.