Campus construction projects planned for summer

Downing University Center is seen under construction in this May 3, 2012 file photo.

Michael McKay

  • Colonnade renovation

The Colonnade will be renovated as one of many summer construction projects.

Bryan Russell, director of Planning, Design and Construction, said the renovation will be divided into work on the limestone and work on the seating.

Russell said the limestone will be replaced and coated, the bleachers will be taken up and concrete replaced.

Russell said the benches won’t be reinstated because it would cost over $100,000 to replace them.

“You’ll still be able to use it for seating — it just won’t be on those metal benches,” Russell said.

He said the option to add the benches later is still available.

  • Razing of the Rock House

The Rock House, which became condemned earlier in the semester, is being razed in May.

Russell said Habitat for Humanity would have the chance to salvage items in the building before it will be used as a training facility for the Bowling Green Fire Department.

  • DUC Renovation Project

Continued construction on the north side of DUC (on the Avenue of Champions) will move Fresh Food Company into a temporary metal structure in front of the Preston Center.

The Student Government Association office and other office suites located in DUC will also move out of the building during the summer.

Russell said a wooden partition between the north and south sides of the building would be the only noticeable change for returning students.

“You’re really not going to see a tremendous amount of change when they come back for school,” Russell said.

  • High Voltage Electrical Work

There are two projects dealing with electricity.

A trench will be dug as a “pathway” for communication and high voltage wires for the Downing University Center.

Russell said there are plans to add Wetherby Administration Building, Cravens Graduate Center and Library and Potter Hall to the electrical system for the university.

“Most people don’t realize — 10 years ago, we used to have power outages all the time,” Russell said.

He said buildings on the top of the Hill added to the loop have minimized outages.

“That really helps us manage these buildings so we don’t have loss of school time,” he said.

  • Subway and Panda Express

Construction on the Subway restaurant being built in a space next to the Bates Shop is set to be completed by the start of the fall semester.

Gary Meszaros, assistant vice president of Auxiliary Services, said the walls separating the new Subway and the Bates Shop will be removed.

“Instead of the convenience store, they are blending the two somehow, so it fits in more like what you would see at a gas station,” Meszaros said.

Panda Express is also starting construction in the summer for a fall opening.

Meszaros said the contract with Panda Express is set, and the renovation on the area in Garrett Conference Center will start as soon as classes end.

He said Panda Express would be the easiest project to be delayed.

“If anything would be late, it would be that one, because it’s something they could keep working on a couple of weeks into the semester,” Meszaros said.