COMMENTARY: Dodds: a vote for me is a vote for transparency, accountability

Cory Dodds

The student body will soon have the opportunity to elect new leaders to the Student Government Association. I am running for student body president and student regent. I have served in the SGA for the past two years, and I have the experience to make SGA what it needs to be for all students.

I have dedicated the last two years to service to the student body at Western Kentucky University. We deserve a leader with passion and a record of results. Through my years of service, I have already addressed several student issues, and you can expect that same level of commitment if elected president.

I have made the SGA more transparent and accountable by posting the student senate minutes and legislation on the SGA website. I helped developed the Transcript Voucher Program and and have organized SGA events, such as Dine with Decision Makers and the WKU NCAA viewing parties. I have also represented the student voice on the DUC Renovation Steering Committee, Academic Technology Advisory Committee, and the Student Life Foundation.

I believe in a transparent and accountable university and student government. If elected, I will:

• re-establish a safe ride service

• establish campus-wide evaluations for graduate and teaching assistants

• establish an outreach advisory committee

• work to provide students with the best available tailgating locations

• establish SGA intramural sports grants to help teams travel and compete

• establish the Hilltopper Heritage campaign to tell the story of students at WKU and increase school spirit on the Hill and in the community

• work to establish higher levels of syllabus transparency.

The next few years will be a time of change for the SGA and the Hilltopper community. The student body will need an individual with proven leadership experience to provide stability to the SGA while continuing to provide signature services for the Hilltopper community. I can provide that leadership.

I encourage everyone to vote Dodds for student body president on March 27-28. A vote for Cory Dodds is a vote for all students and the issues we face each day


This commentary doesn’t necessarily represent the views of the Herald or the university.