Auction to be held in DUC

Michael McKay

Items on the first and fourth floors of Downing University Center, on which renovations are scheduled to start in the middle of March, will be up for grabs next week.

An auction will take place on March 3 on the fourth floor of DUC.

Everyone, including members of the WKU community, will have to wait until registration begins at 9 a.m. that day before they can have a look at the lots being sold. Bidding starts at 10 a.m.

Sara Ferguson, recycling and surplus coordinator, said the auction process should go quickly.

“Each lot will go up for auction, and it will be ‘Boom, boom, boom,’” she said.

Ferguson said the auction could be split into three sections.

One section of the auction will include items from the DUC renovation liquidation, including the bowling alley and pingpong tables from REDZ on the fourth floor. Other furniture from the first and fourth floors will be up for bid.

Ferguson said large items like the bowling alley may create some hassle for the buyer.

“So it’s kind of a catch,” she said. “The bowling alley will be sold, but you have to take it apart, and you have to carry it out to your car. So, ‘How are we going to sell a bowling alley?’ is the question.”

Items from the surplus department will make up another section.

Ferguson said the surplus department’s items could attract a more diverse crowd of potential buyers.

Items include filing cabinets, desks, printers and computer accessories, and more unique items like a stoplight — “just things that we’ve collected over the last seven months,” Ferguson said.

The third section of the auction will consist of electronics, including Macintosh computers, monitors and laptops.

Profits will go to the surplus and auxiliary services departments, per a surplus policy passed by the administrative council last week.

“What that states is when we sell items, 90 percent of the time, the revenue from those items are going to come straight back to surplus and recycling,” Ferguson said. “We do everything, and it’s our item, so we get the money for it.”

Sustainability Coordinator Christian Ryan-Downing said the money the surplus department earns from the auction will help to purchase equipment that the department needs for future use, including forklifts.

Auxiliary Services will get back all of the money they earn for the items that belong to their department, like pool tables or bowling balls, because the department is classified as revenue-dependent, Ferguson said.

“The case can be made that they bought items that weren’t bought with WKU money,” Ferguson said.

Academic departments would not get money from the surplus department under the recently passed policy, because they receive their budget through state funding, she said.

Ferguson said the items that don’t sell go back to the surplus department, where they will be donated or sold on the department’s eBay account.