Graduation stressed at WKU freshman assembly

The class of 2015 raises their right hands while making an oath to President Gary Randsell to graduate on Tuesday during the Freshman Assembly in Diddle Arena.

Michael McKay

Assist, finish, graduate — this was the theme of the freshman assembly at Diddle Arena on Tuesday night.

After being welcomed into WKU as the class of 2015, the freshman were reminded by various speakers of the importance of graduating.

“I want to see each and every one of you back in this arena, right here on this floor,” President Gary Ransdell said in his address, referring to graduation in Diddle Arena in the future. “Show me in 2015 what you can do.”

Other speakers from the classes of 2011, 2012 and 2013 gave their perspectives of the importance of education and graduating.

Poorvie Patel, representing 2013, said she planned on being in the arena on graduation day.

“I will graduate — loud and proud,” Patel said.

Football running back Bobby Rainey, class of 2012, gave words of advice to freshmen.

“Work hard and apply yourself,” Rainey said.

Ransdell said the class of 2015 was the most unified and the largest of the WKU class Facebook groups with close to 1,400 members, or 40 percent of the total class, in the group.

Ransdell challenged the students to become more unified offline too.

“Take a step beyond social media,” he said.

The students were presented with pins that represent them as a class. At graduation, another pin is given to students.

Ransdell said he wants to see both pins, side by side, on graduation day.

“Bring it back with you in 2015,” he said.

New to the freshman assembly this year was the contract that the retention taskforce implemented during MASTER Plan. The contract is an agreement between the class of 2015 and WKU to do whatever they can to award the students a degree by 2015.

Randell had the students and faculty stand separately and recite their part of the contract during the assembly.