NPHC recruitment at WKU starts with Greek 101

Michael McKay

While members of the National Panhellenic Conference and Interfraternity Council can rest after the end of their formal recruitments, other Greek organizations are just starting their own recruitment processes.

The office of Student Activities and Organizations hosted a Greek 101 session on Friday at Ransdell Hall to help students interested in joining sororities and fraternities that are a part of the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

NPHC members on campus are a group of nine historically black fraternities and sororities

“We as a university are here to support you,” said Kenneth Johnson, assistant director of Student Activities and Organizations.

Johnson said that Greek 101 sessions were started last semester when Student Activities reviewed its policy on the intake of new NPHC members.

Last semester a policy during the intake procedure was changed that required the NPHC sororities and fraternities to make the names of the students going through intake published.

The change allowed Student Activities to know who was going through intake, which in past years has been a secret until the new member was initiated. The change also allowed Student Activities to more easily regulate and investigate instances of hazing, which was a topic focused on in Friday’s session.

Johnson said the key to ending hazing at WKU was inside the session room.

“When you guys in the community decide that this isn’t what we want to accept anymore, then hazing will stop,” he said.

Another session of Greek 101 will be take place on Sept.16 in Ransdell Hall.