WKU Libraries rehouses Visual Performing Arts Library

Bailey Reed, News reporter

The WKU Libraries Visual Performing Arts Library, which was previously housed on the second floor of the Raymond Cravens Library, will now be housed on floor six of the same library. 

The Visual Performing Arts Library (VPAL) was officially opened in August 2007, 16 years ago. According to WKU’s website, “The VPAL includes collections on art, dance, fashion, interior design, music, photography, and theater.” 

VPAL is being relocated to floors five through nine in Raymond Cravens Library for easy accessibility. 

“We moved the items in VPAL to the call range where they belong. To me, it was just making the collection easier to find for patrons,” Susann de Vries, dean of university libraries, said.

There is also a room that can be used for watching and streaming VPAL resources.

“We have a zoom room, it was on the second floor, but we moved it to the sixth floor,” de Vries said. 

The items on floor six were journals originally from the Commons at Helm Library, and have now been moved back, making room for VPAL resources.

“All of our resources are important,” de Vries said. “We serve the entire university, all the colleges and all the disciplines, so we try to serve everybody in the best possible way.”

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