Our study tips to make this semester your best


Herald Features Staff

I use the Forest App to block all of my social media so I can focus! And it helps plant real trees.

Taylor Metcalf

Change up where you study! I can’t sit still for very long if I don’t have to. If I’m in an HCIC study room (my favorite study space on campus), I sometimes sit on the floor just to get a different perspective. 

Katelyn Latture

I use the Quizlet app when there are a lot of terms to remember. You input the term and definition, and then you can take a test on them and match the terms to the definitions! It’s actually helped me pass tests on multiple occasions. 

Kelley Holland

Be realistic about whether studying in groups helps or hurts you. Don’t study in a group just because your friends are if it means you won’t get anything done. Reward yourself throughout the process, too, with naps, food and social activities!

Julie Sisler

The DSU study room is a really good place to study. Especially if you’re able to get one of the private rooms — you can use white boards to enhance your learning!

Eleanor Tolbert

I honestly just study by writing things out and hoping for the best. I write as much as I can about a subject with as many examples as I can think of for a term or concept, and then I move on to the next. If your professor posts notes, print them and organize them in your written notes or use them as tabs in your books for their corresponding chapters.

 Andrew Martel

I keep my handwritten notes close and cups of coffee even closer!

Griffin Fletcher